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Perry Marshall – Google Ads Mastery Course Download

Perry Marshall – Google Ads Mastery Course FREE Download
Perry Marshall – Google Ads Mastery Course FREE Download

Are YOU Doubling in Brain Power
Every Four Months???

No, of course you’re not. But Google’s Artificial Intelligence is! It’s doubling in power EVERY 4 MONTHS.

Maybe a few years ago some of the sharpest Google advertisers could pompously boast, “I’ll never be beaten by some machine!”

Those days are over. The machines have assumed control.

If you try to “beat them,” they will hand you your butt on a zip drive and say, “Thanks for playing, chump!”

That’s the bad news…

  • You can’t beat the machines
  • If you don’t play by their rules, you won’t get many…if any…impressions
  • If you’re still managing your Google accounts the way you did 3 years ago, you are doing it WRONG…and it’s about to get even worse!
  • Google will continue to announce big changes that make it HARDER to play with the machines.

Yes, indeed, Google is STILL Evil, and they have zero motivation to help YOU, the small business owner, succeed on their platform.

Sleep with BOTH eyes open.

And the news from Facebook is bad too…

Facebook has been turning the world upside down — Facebook dashboards are all over the place. People who thought they were making money on Facebook are finding out they are not.

Everyone’s mad…which means lot of people are moving money to Google.

There is Good Google News…

  • You CAN still win on Google…playing by their rules…if you play smart while your competition plays dumb
  • You CAN still manage, monitor, and even turn off parts of the machine…if you know which ones to turn off and when!
  • You CAN still set up Google campaigns that do NOT require constant fiddling and tinkering…that still deliver a steady flow of leads and customers(No traffic source is “set it and forget it” but compared to Facebook, Google is a dream!)
  • You CAN still get a steady stream of profitable leads without having to constantly invent new ads, offers, and products

Yes, you CAN still win if you know how to play!

Google Still Has the Highest Quality Leads You Can Buy at Scale…Anywhere

Google Ads Mastery Will Help You Get Them…Guaranteed

If you’re still managing Google Ads the way you did 3 years ago…You need this.

If you want the “least-hassle” source of leads…You need this.

If you’re an online retailer…if you do any kind of eCommerce…You REALLY need this!

If you run an agency managing Google Ads for others, it would be irresponsible to think you don’t REALLY need this.

The modest investment in Google Ads Mastery will pay for itself over and over and over again. If you’re spending many thousands or tens of thousands a month, it will pay for itself monthly … maybe even weekly.

And we Guarantee it.


Six Modules to Google Ads Mastery:

Module #1: Bidding

  • How the various smart bidding models work…and EXACTLY how to use them to maximize your returns
  • What to do if you choose NOT to use them…be very, VERY careful
  • How to give the machine the right “target”…and avoid MASSIVE stupidity tax

Module #2: Targeting

  • The news of the death of Keywords has been greatly exaggerated…here’s what you need to know about them now
  • How to “layer” audiences over your Search and Shopping campaigns
  • How to navigate the Audience options for Google Display Network and YouTube
  • Audiences and Smart Bidding…how to combine their power

Module #3: Messaging

  • How to use Responsive Search Ads vs. Expanded Text Ads for search…and a big warning about RSA reporting
  • How-to’s and Not-to’s for Shopping Ads, Showcase, and Local Inventory Ads
  • Using Google Cloud Platform tools to get insight into what your customers think
  • Responsive Display Ads vs Image Ads?
  • Video: Trueview, Action vs Reach + Bumpers…are you up to speed?
  • What’s up with Gmail?

Module #4: Date & Measurement

  • Why data is uber important in a machine learning world
  • Are you feeding the machine the right data, or putting garbage in and getting garbage out?
  • How to import conversions for accurate data
  • What you need to know about Google Click ID
  • What to watch out for with Pay Per Conversion
  • A look at Google Data Studio – Get Mike’s ROAS template

Module #5: Optimizing Your Accounts

  • What you need to consider in your planning process
  • How to scale your campaigns … what’s reasonable?
  • ROAS or POAS?

Module #6: What It All Means for Your Future

  • What these changes might mean for you as a supplier of ad management (either as an agency or a practitioner in this world)
  • Explaining the My Client Dashboard
  • Understanding the optimization score and the red badge
  • What will your job look like in …2025!?

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