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Squared Academy – Instagram Carousel Masterclass Free Download

Squared Academy – Instagram Carousel Masterclass Download
Squared Academy – Instagram Carousel Masterclass Download

Explode your Instagram growth in the next 30 days
The only actionable course that teaches you the secret to Instagram growth.

Join 70,000 like minded individuals growing their Instagram.
We’ve helped thousands of businesses, brands and content creators grow their presence on Instagram through strategy led content.

Learn proven strategies to become an Instagram expert.
Many experts aren’t telling you everything. In this course you’ll learn everything you need to know to grow your Instagram without paid ads.

Quality content is the foundation of growth.
No matter how many growth strategies you learn, how optimised your profile is or how effective your hashtags are, posting quality content is the foundation of growth. In this course you’ll learn what makes a good post, and how to scale your Instagram while making content.

– Natalie van Unen / effortless.health
This Masterclass was so valuable. The layout of the course was fantastic and easy to follow and provides suggestions for tools, and templates to use. There is also a great community of other students taking the course. The Squared team are engaged and extremely helpful.

Instagram Masterclass is a proven growth strategy that helps you…

Understand the Instagram algorithm.
The Instagram algorithm is a huge part of success on the platform. Understanding how it works will allow you to use it to your advantage.

Build a highly engaged community.
Whatever you goals are with Instagram, building a community is something that comes along with it. Unlock the power of an engaged audience.

Stop wasting time on outdated strategies.
Most people waste many hours trying to grow their Instagram. We’ll share some ways of growing without having to spend extra time.

Consistent daily follower growth.
Learn how to find your target audience and passively generate followers daily.

More meaningful engagement
Learn how to gain consistent followers who love your content and brand.

Understand how content formulas work.
Learn how to create engaging content that drives followers and sales for your business.

– Matt Stevens, from New York, USA
“I was stuck at around 1k followers for months. This course is what I’ve been waiting for to revive my account. It allowed me to take out the guess work, and skyrocket my growth!

What’s inside Instagram Masterclass
Module 01
Profile & search optimisation
Learn how to optimise your Instagram profile to maximise follower conversions. Along with search optimisation and choosing a niche. This first module outlines the basics to Instagram growth.

Module 03
The Algorithm
In this module you’ll learn exactly how the Instagram algorithm works so that you can optimize your profile and content to work with it, resulting in fast organic growth.

Module 02
Content creation
Creating quality content is the foundation for growth. We share our content framework to create engaging posts.

Module 04
Growth Hacks
In this module you’ll learn various strategies on how to passively gain Instagram followers who are targeted and active fans of your content. All strategies are tried and tested, to maximise follower growth.

Module 05
Instagram monetisation
In this module you’ll learn exactly how to turn your followers into sales for your business, along with how to manage sponsorships and other methods of monetisation.

Instagram Masterclass also includes these bonuses.

Private Slack community & Network.
You’ll get access to our private Slack group where you can get direct support from us, and make connections with successful Instagram marketers.

Premium Instagram templates and styles.
To help you get results faster you’ll get access direct to our premium templates that have helped gain 100,000’s of followers.

1-on-1 help and coaching for your Instagram.
You will have access to 1-on-1 help and advice from us. We will take a look at your Instagram and share a personalized growth plan just for you.

Course publish year: 2024

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Squared Academy – Instagram Carousel Masterclass Free Download: Videos, PDF’s

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